How to choose suitable pressure gauges(3)

Have far preach is optional resistance when the required pressure gauge, far eastone resistance pressure gauge is suitable for measuring no explosion danger, crystallize, solidify and effect on copper and copper alloy non-corrosive media such as liquid, gas, and steam pressure, and can through the instrument set inside the synchronous resistive transmitter, will be pressure to transmit the power value to away from the measurement point on secondary instrument, in order to realize the concentrated check and remote control; Should first choose electric contact pressure gauge or seismic electric contact pressure gauge, its USES magnetic help type electric contact device, possesses the advantages of stable and reliable action, joint power larger, especially seismic electric contact pressure gauge products on the basis of the electric contact pressure gauge, through setting damping device inside the pressure gauge, significantly improve the performance of resistance to medium pulse and mechanical vibration, can enhance the reliability of the product, and extend the service life of the pressure gauge.

The pressure gauge can be used for micro pressure measurement, but the pressure gauge of the membrane box can only be used to measure the small pressure of the non-corrosive gas or liquid medium of copper and copper alloy. The environment with explosion-proof requirement, if need to use electric contact pressure gauge, should choose explosion-proof type. YN series of shock pressure gauges should be used for large vibration occasions.


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