How to choose suitable pressure gauges(1)

The pressure gauge is widely used in scientific research and industrial sectors, especially in process production. The general industrial departments use the pressure gauges of level 1.5 and 2.5, which can be used to accurately measure the pressure and use digital pressure gauges or precision pressure gauges.

Selection of pressure gauge range: the maximum range should be 1.5 times of the measured value when measuring the stability pressure. When measuring fluctuating pressure: the maximum range shall be twice as high as the measured value. The range of pressure gauges should be chosen appropriately so that the service life of the pressure gauge can be prolonged.

Different pressure gauges are used to measure different media and environment。

General media, such as air, water, steam, oil, etc., can be used in ordinary pressure gauges. Special pressure gauges for certain media, such as ammonia pressure gauges with ammonia. Oxygen use oxygen pressure gauge, (oxygen, nitrogen pressure gauges shall be strictly forbidden oil pressure gauges, one thousand in the table are the oil contamination, available syringe injection of carbon tetrachloride to spring tube; clean rear can use).

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