Stainless steel pressure gauge and the ammonia pressure gauge

Stainless steel pressure gauge is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, metallurgy, power, food and other industrial sectors process oncorrosion resistance, high temperature resistance of measuring various fluid medium.

Stainless steel pressure sheet by direct contact joint and the pressure sensing element material, using icr18Ni9T, Ocr18Ni12Mo2Ti, SUS316, structure ofwhole sealing type, stainless steel pressure gauge has a strong ability of anti measured medium corrosion and anti corrosion. Stainless steel pressure gauge is suitable for the strong corrosion for stainless steel components detection medium and bad external corrosion environment, stainless steel pressure gauge is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical and other industries.

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Ammonia pressure gauge is mainly used in the production process of chemical fertilizer or refrigeration equipment is used to measure the ammonia liquid,gas or the mixture of pressure; can also be used for a variety of media and non crystallization and solidification measurement of ordinary carbon steel,stainless steel, alloy steel and tin lead alloy solder corrosion free fiber used, the pressure.

Ammonia pressure gauge is a special instrument, contact with the copper and copper alloy will explode, must be in the product on a scale in the product name below painted yellow lines mark, for warning

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