The installation method and installation requirements of pressure gauge

Pressure gauge installation site should as far as possible by the top of the pressure vessel, the best installed in the container. The installation should be installed on the upper part of the container, the container shall not be less than 1/5. The pressure is less than 4wp, can be installed in a closed pipe, only thereference pressure value. Can't destroy the pressure vessel body installation, welding must be holder welding operation certificate of pressure vessel welding,after welding inspection. The pressure gauge can be installed in front of the copper ball valve. Install pressure gauge to ensure accurate measurement,pressure should be representative. Should be selected in the steady flow velocity of straight pipe, do not bend in the pipeline, the corner. The pressure point locations have certain requirements, in horizontal or inclined pipeline as an example, when the medium is gas pipeline in the upper part. Medium is the steam in the pipe, the upper part and the horizontal center line angle range of 0-45 degree, preferably in the horizontal center line. Medium is liquid, the lower level of the pipeline and the center line into the 0 - 45 degree angle range.

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